Weekly News: Human Rights Updates 18-02-2023

Weekly News

(Disclaimer: The following news might contain graphic contents)

The Sudanese Teachers Committee (parade of fury)

The Sudanese Teachers Committee called for a procession of anger that took place on Thursday, February 16th, 2023. The protest took place at the Federal Ministry of Finance where the teacher demands represented the application of salary increases, fairness to teachers, and the application of equality for them with the rest of the sectors, and the rest of the six demands. A video of the Sudanese Teachers gathering


February 9th, 2023, Omdurman Protest

On February 9th, 2023, the protest organised destination was the parliament in Omdurman. The Forces responded to the peaceful assembly with excessive force, which constitutes a clear violation of the freedom of assembly, peaceful demonstration, and the right to express an opinion, before it reached its declared destination, which led to large numbers of varying injuries. There is no accurate number of the injured, and the fifteen-year-old child (Yassin Saleh Yassin) who lives in Omdurman (Pant) was killed after being hit by a tear gas canister that was shot directly at him in the head. After the protestors withdrew to Al-Arbaeen Hospital, the forces followed the parade and fired live ammunition and tear gases according to eyewitnesses, and an attempt was made to raid the hospital. Video demonstrating force attacking the protestors.

The Khartoum Police Department claimed in a statement that protesters were targeting police personnel and departments by attacking them and the police used reasonable forces to disperse protestors. The police also stated that they will form an investigation committee to investigate the death of Yassin Saleh Yassin.

February 14th, 2023 Protest Under the slogan (186-The Gallows)

The Khartoum State Resistance Committees called for a central march on February 14, and set the parliament in Omdurman as its destination. The protest set off at one o’clock in the afternoon at the announced assembly point according to the coordination of the resistance committees of the city of Khartoum, from the Omdurman market next to the Grand Mosque and passing through the Omdurman market, all the way to Al-Arbaeen Street (Martyr Abdel-Azim Street) to meet with the rest of the processions coming from Umbada locality ( Video of the beginning of the march). After the convoys met and headed towards Parliament Passing through Al-Khor Street (Khor Abu Anja), the security forces intercepted the peaceful assembly with excessive force.The security forces fired live bullets at three o’clock in the afternoon, after which the peaceful protest continued to be suppressed with tear gas( Video Demonstrate TearGas Fired At Protestors in Omdurman and protestors building barricades under the oppression), and its canisters were aimed directly at the demonstrators and hot water using an armoured vehicle and rubber bullets.

As a result, a large number of injured people were injured, some of whom were treated inside a designated space at the protest, and others were transferred to Al-Arbaeen Hospital for treatment (there is no accurate number of the injured from official sources so far).

The Rapid Support Forces assaulted citizens by firing live bullets at a mine, leaving dozens of wounded

The Rapid Support Force assaulted a group of protestors by firing live ammunition at a mine leaving around 7 injured. On February 7th, A group of mine workers protested at the Agabash mine in the SIngo area of the Radom, in the state of South Darfur, for up to 7 days, to demand a safer work environment. On February 14th, RSF attacked the protests by firing live ammunition that resulted in 17 injured ( Testimony of an injured protestor). The injured were hospitalized at Bram Hospital, and the incident was followed by widespread protests (A list of the injured Number) . Video demonstrating Rapid Support Force shooting.

Nine were arrested for protesting in Al-Buraiq

On February 14th, the people of Al-Dafufa bridge project in Al-Saraya area, protested by closing the road linking Al-Buraiq and the city of Argo on Tuesday morning. The forces responded to this protest by arresting 9 protestors.

The reasons for the protests, according to the Barqiq Resistance Committees, are due to the fact that the state government has increased the water linkage price (noting that the water network in the area was established through the effort of the people of the area).

February 16th, protest Event

On February 16, 2023, the demonstrators took to the city of Omdurman in an unannounced procession, and they took Parliament as its destination. The security services met them with violence and intercepted the peaceful protest with tear gas, rubber bullets, and chases with armoured vehicles, which led to the demolition of the wall of the Conference Secondary School due to the collision of the armoured vehicle.

February 16th, Madani Protest

The Resistance Committees organized a decentralized procession in the large market in the state of Al-Jazeera in the city of Wad Medani under the slogan “People’s Pension”. The procession followed many addresses in separate parts of the market, according to the Civil Resistance Committees.

Video of the speech