Environmental disaster in Talodi area

Talodi citizens continue to fight against the degradation of their lives and for the preservation of their environment against gold mining companies using cyanide.
Multiple memorandums have been submitted to the city government demanding the closure of these companies and the last one was filed on Wednesday 2/10/2019.
On Thursday 3/10/2019 citizens went out in a procession expressing their rejection of these companies demanding their closure. The procession arrived at the Nicola mine at 1:00 PM where they were met with gunfire by the Rapid Support Forces and Security Operations which angered the citizens who then burned the Junaid 1 and Junaid 2 mines belonging to the Rapid Support Forces and the Al-Sunut mine belonging to the Security Services.
These events left one causality from the security operations and six wounded citizens, Two of them were in critical condition and were transferred to Khartoum who are:
1.Ahmed Abukalam Abras
2.Ahmed Mohamed Koko
And four are in stable condition:
1.Sheikh Ragab El Baroud
2.Adam Tutu Saeed
3.Gasim Abdul Kareem
4.Hassan Mohamed Hassan Bajouri
All injuries were to the legs.