Violations Submission Form

    Violation Submission Form

    This form is for victim that their human rights were violated. Please fill the form completely. Questions
    with “*” are mandatory, please answer them to assist us on documenting. This data will be used accordingly
    with our privacy policy.

    1. Please inform us with your status ?A victimReporting on behalf of a Victim
    Victim’s Information

    Please enter the victim contact information if you'd like for us to follow up with you.

      1. Gender
      2. Was the victim under 18 years of age when the violation occurred?
    A Reporter Information
  • Do you have an authorization by the victim’s family to directly submit the form on their behalf?
  • Will you be able to follow and transfer information between the family and Huqooq team in case any
    further explanations were needed? YesNo
  • Please enter your contact information so we could follow up with you.

    Information Regarding the Incident

    Please provide detailed informations as possible.

    1. More Information Regarding the Incident
    2. Party responsible for the violation, please explain why you think this party is the
      responsible one.
      e.g. uniform, you already know them…etc.:
    3. Please provide detailed information about the case and the circumstances the case in
      chronological order. Please specify if the incident is continuous and/or still going on
    4. If there were any witnesses to the incident, please give their names, relation to the
      victim. If they wish to keep their identity confidential please clarify, if they are
      relatives, pass-byers, or else. If there is an evidence, please point it out
    5. Has there been any action taken by the family or acquaintances after the violation was
      committed (reporting to official authority / informing Human Rights organizations) if
      not clarify why?
    6. YesNo
    7. Attach an image of the victim before and after the victim’s death or any related documents below