Statement: on the situation of human rights in Sudan

Sudan’s human rights situation is deteriorating, as protestors peacefully demonstrate against the military measurements, demanding a civilian rule, and the respect of freedom, peace and justice.


Over the past 2 months since the coup, and  the military continues violating the human rights of the people of Sudan, the joint forces oppress peaceful demonstration with the intent to cause severe harm to  demonstrators, by using live ammunition against them that led to the death of protestors, and firing tear gas at the protestors  causing severe injuries and cases of suffocation.  The forces monitored members of the committee and held a mass arrest campaign. On December 19th, it was reported cases sexual violence’s against female protestors. 


The council reinstated the powers of arrest and detention to the security forces enabling a more violent environment and oppression. Security forces has a history of torturing, practicing  extrajudicial killing and enforced disappearance of civilian. On January 2ed, The forces Killed over 60 citizens and arrested protestors.  On January 6th, the forces run over protestors causing a fracture on their leg that required an immediate medical intervention. The Joint forces raided hospitals  to arrest injured protestors and harass medical personnel, and fired tear gases at the medical institution. 


We call on the international committees to put pressure on the military coup leaders to ensure the safety of the protestors and to end telecommunication outages. We urge you to  support the demands of the people of Sudan in their call for civilian led government and democratic transition.